Collection of printed well washable and non-woven wallpapers – more durable than traditional ones. Product with modern, original designs such as snakeskin, suede, track roller or shiny plaster and sophisticated, subtle colours.
Patterns exist in two widths of wheels: 8.2 m x 68.6 cm and 10 m x 52 cm.


A collection of washable vinyl-coated wallpapers is a proposal for customers seeking unique patterns – Leatheritz catalogue products are designed especially for exclusive and glamorous interiors. Original and unique structure imitates natural skin, hair, snake skin or sophisticated zebra stripe pattern. Set of multitude of patterns, delicate and sophisticated gloss colours gives the perfect proposal for interiors of high standard and places in need of strong ornament accent. Both small quilting, embroidery tacks in diamond pattern, delicate teardrop, fancy swirls and geometric squares will allow you to design unique indoor climate.
Width of wallpapers: 53 cm, length of roll: 10.05 m


This is a collection of wallpapers with a high degree of washability and designs inspired by elements of nature. In the wealth patterns we can found such themes as: bamboo, blades of grass, water surface, decorative stones and bricks, planks, marble.
Designs are shown in graphical, slightly modified way. Their originality will provide an unusual look of each wall. An interesting option for smaller usable spaces.
Width of wallpapers: 52 cm, length of roll: 10 m